Celticwerks Casting Source is owned by Steve Reid. It came into being as a result of the collaboration of modelers on the South Shore Massachusetts with friends from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

My goal is to provide high quality resin casting services for the armor modeling community. 

My “average” customer is a master pattern maker who wants to produce a short run of kits; typically 50-100.  The subjects are usually esoteric variants that the large styrene companies aren’t interested in.
I also enjoy working with individual modelers who have converted or scratchbuilt a detail that they need a few copies of.  This is really the niche I intended to fill with Celticwerks. How many guys do you know who have shelled out a small fortune producing a few bubble filled parts?  If you can scratchbuild, focus on that; the learning curve for resin casting is steep.

Casting for other brands accounts for approximately 60% of my business, the Celticwerks line25%  and small individual casting jobs (wheels and sprockets for example) account for 15%.

Thank You’s:
I used to say “Slow and steady wins the race!”   The fact is; there is no race. There are more great items worthy of being cast than anyone can produce.  That said; quality never takes a backseat to production. Every part sent out is individually examined for flaws. Every step of the process is performed by an experienced model maker.

I am fortunate to have worked with some genuine talents all of whom I am glad to call friends!  Specifically Rob Ferreira,  Frerik Noordhuis (formerly of Battleground Miniatures),  Ken Abrams (Armor Farm), and Joe Farina.  I have also been fortunate to receive guidance in many forms from Ted Paris and Iain Hamilton.

Projects in development:
There is always something new on the horizon or in development at Celticwerks. No sooner do I get the website updated than the information is obsolete. Remember- New items in production are not always Celticwerks releases.

For new product info please keep an eye open on your favorite modeling forums.  I post there under the name “Steve Reid”…. As it should be.